Phrakture – Ka Boukie

Album Review: Phrakture – Ka Boukie Phrakture merges ambient, electronic and experimental sound to create an enveloping sonic narrative. The condensed six-track record not only captures the vocal capability of Boukie but relays a high-quality production and a transgressive crossover between music and dramatic art. The tracklist fashions a contemplative atmosphere realized through a careful arrangement of tracks and a unique mingling of genres, each … Continue reading Phrakture – Ka Boukie

Kagoule + Catholic Action @ The Louisiana, 4/11

Written for Epigram. Preview: Join Glaswegian band Catholic Action at The Louisiana this Saturday, supporting Nottingham-trio Kagoule on an anticipated UK tour. Expect a pre-headline show of wholesome pop-rock energy, sporadic melodic synth and a throwback to the unparalleled indie sounds of the noughties. With considerable backing from BBC Radio 1, the band have hit the mainstream with their classic pop-rock sound, but have brought … Continue reading Kagoule + Catholic Action @ The Louisiana, 4/11

Simple Things 2017: three highlights

Written for Epigram. See the physical copy here.  Marie Davison “This is not the show, just the soundcheck,” Canadian electronic producer Marie Davison warned the expanding crowd during a quick setup. Following a few erratic moments reconstructing flawed tempos, Davison emerged to the stage’s front. She began her first Bristolian performance with a defiantly chattier version of ‘Niave to the Bone,’ swiftly avowing her status as … Continue reading Simple Things 2017: three highlights

Factory Floor @ Bristol Aquarium (2017)

Written for Epigram during my first year at uni. Preview: Factory Floor @ Bristol Aquarium (2017) Following their latest LP release, 25 25, London duo Factory Floor return into the electronic limelight with a wave of new shows, gracing Bristol Aquarium’s former IMAX this Friday with their infectiously bouncy presence for a seated evening of post-industrial groove and transformative geometric visuals. Since forming in 2005, … Continue reading Factory Floor @ Bristol Aquarium (2017)